Zhanibek Alimkhanuly versus Gonzalo Gaston Coria breakdown

This is a good match up in the middleweight division between two underrated fighters.

Zhanibek was a good amateur and has made a solid start to his pro career. He has decent power and is very good fundamentally. He’s very precise and accurate with his punches. He’s not the most active fighter in the world but he does put out a good amount of punches a round. His defence is solid as well though its largely based on his foot work.

From the footage I can find Gonzalo Gaston Coria is also decent technically though not on the level of Zhanibek. He has more power than his record suggests though nothing that should trouble the Kazak. He has lost a few decisions to people that are not on Zhanibek’s level and he is clearly being brought in to lose here.

Gonzalo Gaston Coria

I think Zhanibek will win this fight by stoppage in the second half of the fight due to his superior amateur background and the fact hes really starting to adapt well to the pro game.


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