Lou Moret needs to retire

Lou Moret turned in one of the worst scorecards that boxing has ever seen in the Yordenis Ugas versus Abel Ramos fight. He scored the fight 117-111 to Ramos when it really should have been the other way round. At this point it is pure incompetence and at the age of 76 perhaps hes just not all there anymore.

We can’t just keep allowing judges to give in horrible scorecards without any repercussions. Like any job if someone messes up badly they should be held accountable however this doesn’t seem to apply to boxing judges.

I’d be surprised if anything happens to Moret as the commissions in boxing are an olds mans club where they all look out for their “pals” and don’t treat it like an actual profession or job. It really angers me the way boxing is run and how any fans who voice their criticism are called names and accused of doing nothing with their lives. Surprisingly enough things outside of boxing also have meaning and a few throwaway comments doesn’t mean the person is some basement dweller and of course inferior to the mighty boxing establishment.


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