Philip Bowes versus Akeem Ennis-Brown breakdown

This is a good competitive 12 round fight for both the Commonwealth and British titles at 140 pounds. Philip Bowes is the current owner of the Commonwealth while the British title is vacant.

Philip Bowes hasn’t fought for over a year and at the age of 36 we’ll see if that effects him. I don’t think he’s an old 36 and seems to have good stamina. Bowes throws really solid straight punches and has a nice jab. When he’s fighting on the back foot he’ll often throw wide hooks and after they land he’ll clinch quickly. He has no problem letting his hands go and is willing to get into exchanges at times where both fighters just swing and hope they land. His defence is nothing special though he does know when to clinch. I really think he lacks power and has no real killer instinct to finish his opponents.

Akeem Ennis-Brown hasn’t fought for over a year either though he is only 24. His stamina has looked fine so far though I have no idea what shape he’ll turn up in after a year out the ring. He’s also quite big for the weight so he may be weight drained though I would be slightly surprised as hes still young. Hes got a weird style as hes quite light on his feet but seems to load up on his shots a lot. I don’t think he has any power or a good jab honestly. He seems quite wild and very energetic which leaves him open to shots in my opinion. I really don’t like how he jumps about and throws huge shots which don’t seem to actually hurt his opponents. I think any opponent with half decent power and timing will drop him badly. I think fighters that are more calm and relaxed in the ring would beat him comfortably if i’m being honest.

I don’t really have a solid prediction for this fight but I do very slightly lean towards Philip Bowes because I think he has the better jab and his straight shots are nice. If Ennis-Brown wins I wouldn’t be surprised as his style is hard to beat for domestic fighters. I’m confident that this fight goes the distance.

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