Jose Carlos Ramirez versus Viktor Postol breakdown

This should be a competitive fight and a good name on each other’s resume. Ramirez is coming off the best win of his career versus Maurice Hooker while Postol is coming off a good win versus Mohammed Mimoune.

Viktor Postol throws a lot of straight shots and not a huge amount of anything else. I think he has a good jab which is a scoring shot rather than one to just find the range. He has decent power but nothing special. His chin is ok but in recent years I think its starting to crumble a bit as he’s been dropped multiple times now. His stamina is very good and this shouldn’t be a problem unless he’s gotten old overnight. The biggest detriment to him is that hes now 36 and has had a few hard fights so may be past his prime at this point.

Jose Carlos Ramirez is very technically good just like Postol. He goes to the body well and throws more volume than Postol. He always throws back as soon as someone hits him so its very hard to outwork him. I think he has a good jab as well though his isn’t quite as hard as Postol’s in my opinion. His defence is decent though he is certainly hittable. I think he struggles with southpaws to an extent but that won’t be a problem in this match up. His stamina seems decent though I have a feeling he may slow down late if this fight gets there.

I think Jose Carlos Ramirez will win by decision or late stoppage due to him having the higher work rate and being the younger fresher fighter. I think a stoppage can happen if Viktor Postol has declined in the time he’s spent inactive which has been over a year so its certainly possible.

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