Ivan “Hopey” Price versus Jonny Phillips breakdown

This is a good opponent for Price in what is only his third fight. Jonny Phillips is a journeyman but has scored an upset before against Nathanael Wilson so this fight should push Price more than his first two.

Jonny Phillips is an unorthodox fighter who changes style depending on how he feels in the fight. Against Nathanael Wilson he was jumping about and willing to get into exchanges. He threw big shots and left himself open to counters by throwing 6 or 7 punch combinations. In more recent fights hes more willing to take shots and bounce off the ropes then occasionally explode and try to catch his opponents off guard. He doesn’t have the best foot work or defense in the world but seems tough. Rhys Edwards comfortably beat him by using his foot work to avoid Phillips wild swings and then being more active so the judges couldn’t give credit for Phillip’s occasional hay makers and 3 punch combinations.

Price has a good jab which he uses to set everything up. He’ll normally throw in combination but still stays sound defensively. His foot work and defense has looked good so far but he hasn’t been put in with a real test yet so we don’t know if these will crumble under pressure. He seems to have very fast hands and stands tall for featherweight at 5ft 10. On boxrec he is listed at around 5ft 9 but when fighting commentators have put him at 5ft 10 so its a little questionable how tall he is. It’s hard to make too many observations about his style because he’s only boxed 7 rounds and that was against sub-par competition.

I think Price should be able to win a points decision due to his jab and foot work. I also think he’ll be more active than Phillips and his hand speed may trouble him. For Phillips to win he needs to make Price uncomfortable with constant pressure and roughing him up on the inside would be the best tactic as he’s only 2-0 and inexperienced in the pro game. This is of course a lot easier said than done and I imagine he’ll lose on points.


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