Emmanuel Tagoe and Denys Berinchyk in talks to fight for WBO Lightweight mandatory spot.

After Ryan Garcia chose to fight Luke Campbell instead of Tagoe it looks like the WBO will likely order Tagoe to fight the next ranked guy which is Denys Berinchyk. The WBO haven’t done this yet but the two fighter’s teams have already begun talks in anticipation of this happening.

The WBO president on twitter said that they are now considering doing a four man tournament to determine the WBO mandatory which makes no sense as they can simply go down the rankings and order Tagoe versus Berinchyk for the spot.

If this fight gets made it will be an excellent fight and the winner would clearly deserve to get a title shot which is why I don’t understand why the WBO is reluctant to order it. The WBO haven’t had a mandatory at Lightweight for a while now and they need to do right by the fighters and give them their shot.

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