Christopher Diaz versus Jason Sanchez breakdown

This is a fight between two former world title challengers and should set the winner up for a title shot or at least a big fight in the division. Christopher Diaz enters this fight with a record of 25-2 while Jason Sanchez holds a record of 15-1.

Diaz has a decent right hand which he normally throws with as much power as he can. He also has a pretty good left hook which he throws both to the body and head. He doesn’t have the fastest hands and his accuracy when he steps up in competition isn’t great.

He has a decent chin but has been dropped before and it isn’t particularly hard to hit him. I do think hes generally a good fighter and does everything to a decent level but versus the top guys he struggles.

Sanchez has a good overhand right which seems to have good power behind it as I’ve seen him KO a few people with it. He’s relatively fluid with how he punches and has decent counter hooks which he showed versus Oscar Valdez.

He actually has a decent jab which he puts hooks behind. He can be dragged into a dog fight which is what happened in the Valdez fight where he will just exchange hooks with his opponents. He’s similar to Diaz in that he’s not that hard to hit and has been dropped before but I do think his chin is better than Diaz’s.

I think this is a real 50/50 fight and I applaud the fighters for taking this fight and also to Top Rank for matching them up. Both fighters have heart and individual strengths and I am leaning towards this fight being a draw in all honesty. If I had to pick one I’d probably lean towards Sanchez as I feel hes performed a bit better when hes stepped up in competition. If Diaz were to use his experience to win I wouldn’t be surprised either and that’s why it’s so hard to pick a winner in this fight.

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