Top Rank announces shows for June and July

Top Rank recently announced multiple shows in June and July as live sports all around the world start back up. They are having up to two events per week but are only having a few fights on each card. The first event will be headlined by Shakur Stevenson versus Felix Caraballo in a 10 round super featherweight fight.

I’m going to list all the headliners of the events that have been announced but I won’t go into the under cards because most of them still haven’t been announced.

Jessie Magdaleno versus Yenifel Vicente

Joshua Greer Jr versus Mike Plania

Jose Pedraza versus Mikkel LesPierre

Andrew Moloney versus Joshua Franco

Jason Moloney versus Oscar Negrete

Alex Saucedo versus Sonny Fredrickson

Jamel Herring versus Jonathan Oquendo

Jose Zepeda versus Ivan Baranchyk

I can’t wait for all these fights to happen and it’ll be nice to get boxing back.

This is unrelated to boxing but I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and have made a donation to the Minnesota freedom fund to help out as much as I can from the Midlands, England. If you can afford to donate then I’d hope you would as its a good cause and I don’t think its a controversial thing to want systemic racism to be wiped out. The only way to truthfully wipe it out is for everyone to stand up. Too many people that are comfortable won’t speak out on the injustices or will say that the riots aren’t the way to go about it but when people have been peacefully protesting they’ve been ignored or told that its no longer a problem even though there’s clear evidence systemic racism still exists. Most people are still peacefully protesting and its time that everyone took a real stand and supported this movement whether its by marching in a protest or simply donating if you can’t make it to a protest like myself. If you stay silent and don’t help at all then you are upholding the current system and condemning your fellow citizens to a systemically racist society where they can be killed for the color of their skin by law enforcement.

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