Daniel Roman becoming a free agent shows the harshness of boxing.

Daniel Roman has recently become a free agent and is no longer working with Dazn/Matchroom. He was on a Co-promotional deal between Thompson Boxing and Matchroom however he is now back to solely being promoted by Thompson Boxing until they work a deal out with another of the promotional powerhouses.

Daniel Roman is one of the most hard working fighters in the sport and always gives it his all in the ring. He didn’t get signed to one of the major promoters out of the amateurs and so had to really work to get to a world title shot. He had some early losses but got right back to work and eventually won his first world title on the road by KO. Hes a great TV fighter who never puts in a boring fight and in his 3 fights with Dazn had two fight of the year candidates versus TJ Doheny and Murodjon Akhmadaliev.

You would think with all these qualities that Dazn/Matchroom would do their best to keep working with him after he lost his titles (In a decision that could have gone either way) but it seems the opposite is true. As soon as he lost they decided that he wasn’t worth working with which doesn’t make any sense as hes a popular fighter who makes for good fights. This especially annoys me because the fight he lost could easily have gone his way though you wouldn’t have been able to tell with how bias the Dazn broadcast were to Akhmadaliev.

I don’t understand the reasoning behind not working with a fighter who’s always in good competitive fights but paying millions for Billy Joe Saunders in tune up fights. Dazn would have payed Andrade millions to fight Luke Keeler but can’t find it in them to back Daniel Roman after a very close decision loss. I don’t know who’s making the decisions at Dazn but lets just say its come as no surprise that they are in financial trouble. Hopefully Roman can get a deal with another big promoter soon as hes a very talented fighter who deserves to be in big fights on TV.

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