What to expect from Felix Caraballo, Shakur Stevenson’s next opponent.

Felix Caraballo is a Puerto Rican fighter who is currently 13-1-2 with 9 knockouts. He competes at featherweight normally but will be moving up to Super Featherweight for this bout with Shakur Stevenson who will also be moving up from featherweight. Hes going to go in as a massive underdog and deservedly so as Stevenson is one of the best up and coming fighters in the sport.

Caraballo doesn’t have much footage online but from the videos I have been able to find he does appear to carry some power which matches up with what his record shows. From the footage I’ve watched he stays in a high guard and presses forward never letting his opponents get a moments rest. When he gets into range he’ll throw a variety of hooks to the body and head and will sometimes open up with a three or four punch combination. Most of the time he’ll just walk into range taking shots on the gloves rather than jabbing his way in which may get him into trouble versus Stevenson who will try to pick him off as he moves in. He does occasionally use a jab though it doesn’t have much snap to it and is mostly used to find his range or get on the inside where he can unleash hooks. When he wants to he can use the jab effectively but he doesn’t use it consistently so a lot of the good work he does off the jab is nullified by attempting to get on the inside by simply walking forward. He also seems to have a fondness for uppercuts which he used very effectively in the small amount of footage i was able to watch.

Caraballo has a punchers chance if he can catch Stevenson but I think its highly unlikely. He will of course be very motivated for this fight and i’ll always support the underdog so I do hope he pulls it off or at least puts in a good performance that gets him more big fights. I think he likely loses a points decision after being out-maneuvered by Stevenson’s foot work though I think he’ll be the aggressor for most of the fight and will likely be the one pressing the action.

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