3 fight plan : Josh Warrington

Josh Warrington is one of the best fighters in the UK right now and has had a great run of fights as world champion. If he wins the three fights that I suggest in a row then I think he has to be regarded as a P4P fighter.

The first of the three fights he should have is versus Can Xu. He is currently the WBA champion and has a solid resume. He throws massive amounts of punches and a fight between him and Warrington would be incredible as both never stop punching. This fight is supposed to happen next and its one of the fights i’m most looking forward to once this lockdown ends.

The second of the three fights should be versus Kid Galahad who is his IBF mandatory right now. Their first fight wasn’t a great watch but it was competitive and they’ll have to fight again now that Galahad is back in the number one spot. Hopefully Warrington can win the fight in a more dominant fashion as I really don’t want to see a trilogy between them.

The third fight out of three is versus Gary Russel Jr. Russel who has been a champion since 2015 though he has been very inactive. I think this is a fight between the number one and two in the division which would make it a great fight. Russel has talked about moving up but i’m not sure I see him doing that as no big names are calling to fight him right now. Hes a very good fighter who unfortunately will never achieve what he could have because he refuses to fight more than once a year.

If Warrington can win all three of those fights then he will have an incredible resume at featherweight and will start to break into the top 10 P4P in my opinion.

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