The WBC light flyweight rankings and the interesting case of Armando Torres

It’s safe to say i’m not a huge fan of the WBC Light Flyweight rankings right now for good reasons in my opinion. All of the sanctioning bodies have some bad rankings and divisional rankings which sometimes don’t make sense but the WBC’s situation at Light Flyweight is on another level.

Kenshiro Teraji (Current WBC Light Flyweight champion)

Hekkie Budler (who is a very good fighter) is ranked number one even though he hasn’t fought for over a year and lost his last fight. In a months time he won’t have won a fight for over two years yet hes going to have another chance at a world title. I’m not sure what the reasoning behind having him at number one is to be honest. I presume its because hes a former world champion that just lost his belt but again its been over a year since he fought so surely he shouldn’t be ranked at this point.

Hekkie Budler

The number two contender is Tetsuya Hisada who lost his last fight to Hiroto Kyoguchi the WBA champion. I’m unsure why hes in such a high position coming off of a loss however he did fight well versus Kyoguchi so its not necessarily undeserved. I still don’t think he should be that highly ranked but he has at least fought in the last year unlike Budler though both lost their last fight to the same man.

Tetsuya Hisada

The number three contender is Armando Torres who interestingly has fought his last two fights at Flyweight for the WBC Latino Flyweight title. Hes not currently ranked at Flyweight but is at light Flyweight for some reason. I presume someone has accidentally put him in the wrong division as he should be ranked at Flyweight not the division below. He could also have told the WBC hes moving down in weight in his next fight so they ranked him accordingly but we won’t actually know. The Ring magazine reported that Torres had made weight for his WBC Flyweight Latino title fight so we know its not a mistake with someone reporting the wrong weight. I’m not going to go to hard on the WBC for this ranking as if he does intend to move down in weight I think his win over Ganigan Lopez the former champ is enough for him to be ranked third.

Armando Torres

The number four contender is Kenichi Horikawa who lost his last fight but is still ranked above the fighter that beat him. I don’t understand why hes so highly ranked and why losing hasn’t put him far down the top 15 but like I pointed out earlier the WBC Light Flyweight rankings aren’t good. Interestingly hes lost to both Kenshiro Teraji the current champion and Hisada who has challenged for a world title so whether those losses come into play I don’t know.

Kenichi Horikawa

Tibo Monabesa is the fifth contender and I don’t have a problem with this ranking. He’s beaten two decent fighters since his loss to Kyoguchi and its not like hes in a mandatory position right now.

Tibo Monabesa

The sixth contender is Tanawat Nakoon who lost his last fight to Hiroto Kyoguchi. This isn’t the worst ranking though its become a theme that people that Kyoguchi has fought are highly ranked in the WBC.

Tanawat Nakoon

The Seventh contender is Milan Melindo who has lost his last three fights and hasn’t fought at Light Flyweight for over a year. In that three fight losing streak he did fight the current champion Kenshiro Teraji so I understand to an extent why hes in the rankings but he really shouldn’t be as high as seventh.

Milan Melindo

The rest of the top 15 aren’t that bad but the top 7 is an absolute mess and the WBC need to redo their rankings for the division. I think with a few adjustments the rankings would be sorted out while letting more up and coming fighters get their opportunities at a title shot.

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