Jack Catterall waits over a year for Mandatory shot.

Jack Catterall had a very good 2018 which saw him become mandatory challenger for the WBO in January 2019. Over a year later and he hasn’t yet had his world title shot and it doesn’t seem like he’ll get it any time soon. The WBO and WBC belts were unified which has left Jose Carlos Ramirez with two mandatory’s. Hes dealing with his WBC mandatory Viktor Postol first which has left Catterall waiting. Ramirez and Postol should have already fought but their fight was cancelled twice because of the Corona Virus. This means Catterall won’t be able to fight for a world title until late this year at best.

Jack Catterall

Normally mandatorys fight for whatever title they have been ordered for within a year but for Catterall he may have to wait two years and effectively stall his career. Hes lost all the momentum he had as in 2019 he had two tuneup fights and no one really talked about him. He may have to wait until the undisputed fight happens between Josh Taylor and Ramirez as well because Taylor is with MTK and so is Catterall, so they may ask him to step aside while promising him he’ll get to fight for a vacant title afterwards. I expect that Catterall will want to fight a champion rather than getting a vacant title shot so may go ahead with fighting Ramirez late this year or more likely next year at this point.

Jose Carlos Ramirez

Its a real shame for the 140 pound division as they were gaining some good momentum off the back of two unification’s and a potential undisputed fight happening late 2020 or early 2021. If they crowned an undisputed champion then it would be the second time there has been an undisputed champion at 140 in the last five years which is a remarkable feat in a sport which struggles to get champions to fight each other. Its also bad for Ramirez who after unifying the division will have had over a year out of the ring due to no fault of his own by the time he next fights.

Viktor Postol

I feel bad for Catterall who managed to get some good wins under his belt before having his career put on hold while he waits to get his deserved title shot. I also personally believe that Catterall should get his shot before Postol because hes been waiting longer.

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