Kevin Lerena the dark horse of the cruiserweight division.

Kevin Lerena is a 25-1 Cruiser-weight from South Africa who has been making steady defenses of his IBO Cruiser-weight title since 2017. Hes also a southpaw which may make many hesitate to fight him. In the last two years hes emerged as a top 10 Cruiserweight and could have a big impact on the division going forward. Hes currently racking up defenses of his IBO title and building a decent resume with names like Firat Arslan, Sefer Seferi and Dmytro Kucher. Hes very active which I think is one of the best qualities a boxer can have as ring rust can be a huge problem and if your active you also get well known by fans.

I think hes starting to get recognised as a threat in the Cruiser-weight division and while he’d be the underdog against most of the top 5 I wouldn’t count him out versus any of them.

He was supposed to be fighting Kai Robin Havnaa next who is like a lot of Lerena’s opponents undefeated. I think he would likely stop Havnaa but hopefully the fight gets rescheduled anyway and Lerena carries on his campaign through the Cruiser-weight division.

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