Will Canelo be stripped of his middleweight WBA title?

Now that we know that Canelo will be fighting at super middleweight instead of dropping down to middleweight again its likely that his WBA middleweight title will be vacated as he won’t have fought at the weight for over a year after his next fight.

The WBA has a secondary champion in Ryota Murata and so they should elevate him to being the only world champion but i’m sure because the WBA loves sanctioning fees they won’t. They might also not strip Canelo because they can say that people can still fight for a WBA middleweight title just not Canelo’s and use that as an argument to not strip him.

Magomed Mediev

If they do strip him and don’t elevate Murata then the top two contenders are Eubank Jr and Magomed Madiev. Eubank is going to fight Jermell Charlo next so its unlikely he’ll fight for a vacant belt which means the number three contender will step in. That fighter is Carlos Monroe and like Madiev hasn’t fought or beat anyone to be ranked so highly. Both have less than twenty fights and haven’t faced any world class competition at all or even good recogniseable names. The WBA in my opinion is the worst of the sanctioning bodies and their rankings really show that where two completely unproven prospects are ranked high enough that they may fight for a world title. If either of them win a title so early then they will be very lucky the WBA decide their rankings by picking names out of a hat.

Carlos Monroe

In my personal opinion I dislike the WBA’s tendency to have two champions in a single weight class and I think this would be a great opportunity to cut that down to one in the middleweight division. Strip Canelo of his title and elevate Murata as the sole champion at middleweight and then order an eliminator for his next mandatory and it would sort out a lot of the mess they have caused. I think making it clear whos the champion would lead to less confusion from fans and also give more meaning to the WBA’s world title fights.

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