Custio Clayton, Canada’s new welterweight hope

Custio Clayton a resident of Montreal is currently 17-0 with 11 knockouts and is looking to have a career defining 2020. Clayton was a 2012 Olympian and an accomplished amateur before turning over to the pros in 2014. Since then hes fought solely in Canada under the radar of most fans. That could change tonight as he fights live on UFC fight pass in what will be one of his biggest tests to date vs Diego Ramirez. Clayton has stepped up his competition in recent years and with that his rankings with the alphabet organisations has risen. If he can beat Ramirez and then win one or two more fights this year its very likely that he’ll either be ordered into a final eliminator or called as a mandatory for a world title. It’s actually a very good time to be a undefeated welterweight right now because you always have the chance that Crawford will pick you as a voluntary defense because he’s running out of opponents to fight.

Diego Ramirez

One of the criticisms I have of Clayton is that hes not that active and has turned into a two fight a year fighter while not being at world level which isn’t great. I don’t know whether this is due to promotional issues or whether he has a set plan for his career and isn’t in a rush but either way I’d like him to be more active and get his name out there. If possible getting a few recognizable names on his resume would help fans get to know him and call for those big fights vs Spence and Crawford.

His fighting style is calculated where he doesn’t waste much energy and makes every punch he throws count. His best asset in my opinion is his jab which he throws consistently to the body and the head. Showing his amateur pedigree he also brings that jab right back to himself not leaving him open for a counter. He has reasonable power but it hasn’t been as noticeable as hes stepped up in competition. Hes defensively sound but I don’t see anything special about him that could lead to him beating the top guys at 147. He would still be a worthy challenger and could prove me wrong like many other fighters have however he needs to do so soon as he’s now on the wrong side of 30 and is still a year away from a title shot. He’s ranked within the top 6 with the IBF and the WBO and so all he needs to do now is keep winning and he will be called up as either a mandatory or as part of a final eliminator.

Custio Clayton

If you want to watch Clayton before he fights for a title then you can catch him on UFC fight pass later tonight. I wish him all the best and hope that he gets too world level because he would be an interesting new figure amongst the elite welterweights.

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