Julian Williams vs Jeison Rosario

Later today Julian Williams will defend his world titles vs Jeison Rosario in what is Williams home coming bout. The last time we saw Williams fight we saw him bully the bully as he dominated Jarrett Hurd over 12 rounds and proved why people shouldn’t have written him off. Williams is one of the best inside fighters right now in my opinion and that is mainly due to the fact that he uses old school techniques to get his shots off and has really mastered the art of fighting on the inside. One of the best examples of this is when him and Hurd were almost clinched together in the 2nd round he moved Hurd using his shoulder to give himself space to land the right hand which Hurd wasn’t expecting. Julians follow up shots then got him the knockdown a few seconds later and after that knockdown Hurd was never really aloud to get back into the fight.

Julian Williams

Rosario is a good fighter but also one that Williams shouldn’t have too much trouble with due to his style. Rosario is a very patient fighter who is willing to let his opponents get their punches off and then try to counter them on the way out. He did this a lot vs Jorge Cota but struggled to land those counter shots because he wasn’t often punching with Cota. He has a good jab when he decides to use it but its not in his style to throw many punches a round so you don’t see it as much as you’d want too. He can also be a bit wide when he throws combinations leaving him open to something right down the middle which I think Williams can take advantage of. Now that we’ve listed his weaknesses we can go through his strengths and how he can win this fight. One of his biggest assets is that he doesn’t rush in fights and he doesn’t waste his punches and for a 24 year old thats a positive sign. Another asset he has is that if he connects with Williams clean its likely he’ll go down because Rosario has decent power. The way he wins this fight is by being patient and trying to time Williams when he tries to work inside. If Williams gets inside he needs to use whatever dirty tactics he can to smother his work and tire him out. This is essential for him to do because if he lets Williams work on the inside for free he’s going to lose and likely by stoppage.

Jeison Rosario

For Williams to win this he has to be careful when he goes to work on the inside and most importantly not to switch off in the fight. He’s the better boxer of the two but that won’t matter if he gets caught coming in because his concentration has slipped for a brief moment. He needs to take advantage of how patient Rosario is and out work him early and set the pace so that Rosario doesn’t get comfortable. I also think that Williams can break Rosario down by working on the inside because Rosario punches when people are pulling out and not punching themselves and unfortunately for Rosario Williams won’t give him that opportunity. Williams can stay close and then like the Hurd fight push Rosario off him and punch which will catch Rosario when he tries to counter.

My final thoughts on the fight is that its actually quite a good fight for a first defense. Rosario has earned his spot and beaten some good names to get there while Williams is coming off the best win of his career. While I think that William’s inside work and activity will lead him to win this fight I do think it will be competitive especially early on and Rosario always has the chance to catch Williams coming in which combined with his power could seal the deal.

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