Thomas LaManna Interview

Thomas LaManna was nice enough to answer a few questions before his upcoming fight this weekend.

1.) Are you interested in a rematch with Brian Mendoza especially considering the fight was controversial and many thought you won.

Nah, no need. The world knows I won and he does too haha. I wish him the best though.

2.) Your next fight in Mexico is for the WBA Fedecentro super welter title, are you going to continue to climb the WBA rankings by defending it or would you prefer fights versus bigger names?

The goal is to fight the big names. PBC has treated me pretty good, and since they have pretty much all the top guys, i definitely want to be in the mix.

3.) how much do you know about your opponent Juan de Jesus Angulo Gonzalez?

Not much, he’s taller than me but doesn’t have any where near the experience as me but a fight is a fight.

4.) While you’ve managed to stay active during the pandemic, how did it effect your training?

Yea it definitely took a toll in the beginning and really for this fight, I caught Covid mid November so I screwed a lot up for me. I’ve had a good 5/6 week camp for this fight and I didn’t blow up crazy in weight, so I should be more than fine!

Just wanted to thank LaManna for taking the time to answer my questions.


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