Ryan Garcia versus Luke Campbell breakdown

This is a really good fight though still one with a clear favorite in my opinion. Ryan Garcia could potentially be the next big star in boxing and clearly has some talent. Luke Campbell is a seasoned campaigner at this point and if he wants another title shot he’ll likely have to win this fight or a world title dream will be over for him.

Ryan Garcia is very quick and decent technically, all his power comes from his speed though as he grows he does seem to be hitting harder. We haven’t seem him do a hard twelve rounds yet or really seen his chin tested. The biggest flaw with him in my opinion is he tends to keep his chin a bit to high when punching and also drops his other hand when throwing hooks which leaves him open to counters.

Luke Campbell is excellent technically with decent power and a solid defence though one that has been broken on multiple occasions. He doesn’t have a bad chin even though hes been dropped multiple times its just that its not that hard to put him down which is a detrimental thing at world level. He’s not a fast starter either which may be the biggest downsize for him in this fight.

Luke Campbell

I think Ryan Garcia will win by decision after twelve rounds due to his superior hand speed and Campbell being a slow starter. Garcia starts quick and will likely catch Campbell early and while he’ll come back later in the fight I think it will be to little to late a bit like his fight with Jorge Linares.


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