Joseph Diaz calls out Abner Mares.

Joseph Diaz has recently said that he wants to “retire” Abner Mares when this lock down ends. Mares responded by saying he doesn’t plan to retire yet and that it could be fun fighting him as a warm up fight. This is pretty basic trash talk for a fight that I really don’t see happening. Its a fight that i’m not sure anyone was actually asking for though both fighters are based in California so it could end up being a big fight there.

It would involve Mares moving up a division which I don’t think is a good idea considering he started at Bantamweight and he’d be moving up to Super featherweight. Mares has also had a few injuries in his career and with how Diaz looked versus Farmer I think he would dominate the fight enough to force a corner stoppage.

I personally would rather not see this fight as I think its pretty one sided and theres plenty of active fighters in Diaz’s weight class that he can fight instead of Mares. Diaz also has to fight Tevin Farmer again as they had a rematch clause in the contract so a potential Mares fight would likely have to be next year and even then Diaz will likely have to fight a mandatory so its almost impossible for this fight to happen. I wouldn’t be opposed to Mares coming back at Featherweight but I think the jump to Super Feather versus a good champion would be too much for him.

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