Danny Garcia vs Ivan Redkach

This is a classic mismatch which the promoter will try to sell as competitive because of Redkach’s last performance and that’s hes a bit of a name in boxing. Don’t be fooled however as you just need to look through Redkach’s record to realise it would be a big shock if Garcia didn’t KO him much less lose to him. In saying all this i’m not saying Redkach is a bad fighter i’m just pointing out that hes not at the elite level and especially not at welterweight where hes only properly took on the weight in his last fight.

In his last fight Redkach was jabbing well to the body and was willing to let his hands go which is good for him because these are his keys to victory in this fight. Hes got to hope that Garcia having a 9 month lay off will effect his stamina and let him steal rounds towards the end of the fight. Early on he’ll need to be active and not let Garcia set the pace otherwise if Garcia starts taking a lead Redkach will almost certainly lose the fight because I just can’t see him knocking out a prime Danny Garcia.

Danny Garcia

For Danny Garcia he just needs to not have an awful night and he should be fine. Moving on to the specifics he needs to counter Redkach’s jab and make him scared to throw it while walking him down knowing he is the bigger guy whos an actual full blown welterweight not a former lightweight pretending to be one. There will be plenty of opportunities for Garcia to counter Redkach as he often throws big looping shots and stays in range with his hands down if he throws and misses which should suit Garcia perfectly. Redkach isn’t to hard to hit and for someone of Danny Garcia’s skill level he should be able to break him down in 7 or 8 rounds.

Ivan Redkach

I know this analysis has been quite negative towards Ivan Redkach but i’m just being realistic here. Everything is stacked against him and for him to win Garcia would have to have a terrible night and him to have the best of his career. I know hes confident though and if he could pull off the upset it would change his life forever. Even though I think its a bit of a mismatch it should still be entertaining for however long it lasts and thats what really matters in fights like this, i’m happy PBC have at least brought in someone that will give it his all even if he is out of his depth.

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