Starting Off

Commitment is an act , not a word

Jean Paul Sartre

My first post isn’t going to be about any specific boxing topic but more about what you can expect from this blog and what I intend to write about. A little background on me is that I’m from England (so expect more in depth posts about UK boxing compared to other countries) and have followed boxing closely for almost a year now. Before then I was like most of the world and only watched the biggest fights and names such as Anthony Joshua , Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. However since the build up to Wilder vs Fury almost a year ago I’ve become much more of a hardcore boxing fan and I can appreciate the hundreds of great boxers that haven’t broken into the mainstream casual audience.

What you can expect

A lot of the time I’ll be posting my opinions on anything boxing and previewing the upcoming week’s boxing from all over the world with picks , analysis and what the fights mean for the fighter’s career and also their division. I also plan to write reviews about boxing equipment that I’ve used and any books on boxing that I end up reading. My reviews on equipment will be much more suited to those who want to use them for exercise and enjoyment rather than training for a fight because I’m no boxer and wouldn’t be able to recommend if they are good or bad in that sense. I have no specific amount of posts that I’ll do a week or a month so you might end up seeing five different posts one week and then twelve the next and so on. The only thing you can be assured of is that I’ll post weekly at least once and won’t leave this website to gather cobwebs as just another failed .com on the internet. As Jean Paul Sartre’s quote says “Commitment is an act and not a word” and I’ll endeavor to stick to that.

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